About Us

Who We Are

EtherPros is a family-owned software outsourcing company located in Austin, Texas with operations in Mexico, Guatemala and Argentina. John Strong, founder and owner of EtherPros, has been residing in Mexico, on and off, for the last 20 years with his wife, Marilu, three sons and daughter. John met Marilu while teaching computer science at the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico.

Soon after they were married, John left teaching behind, returned to the United States with Marilu and did stints as a systems programmer with IBM, Kodak's Interactive Systems and Microsoft, but since his first years in Mexico working as a professor of computer science, John had felt that there was an immense and untapped pool of programming talent in Mexico. When broadband internet arrived, John knew the timing was ripe to build a software outsourcing business. The result was EtherPros.

Our business model at EtherPros is nearshore software development. Unlike outsourcing competitors in India and Russia, we are in a U.S. time zone (Central Time), which allows us to maintain very fluid communication with you. Right now, we have clients in New York, California, Texas and Vancouver with whom we are in constant contact, via Skype and Google Talk, all day every day. These links over broadband internet are crystal clear (better audio fidelity than a phone call).

Mexican Consultants


We work with individual consultants all over Mexico, but we have a "critical mass" of consultants in Orizaba, Veracruz who work at close quarters with one another.

Orizaba is a medium-sized town in the Mexican provinces surrounded by lovely mountains. It enjoys an agreeable climate, a low crime rate and low levels of traffic and pollution. In spite of its small size, Orizaba hasone of the best youth orchestras in the country and other cultural advantages beyond what is usually expected from a city this size.

Our Mexican operations are located in is a semi-rural part of Mexico that has a very low cost of living, even compared to major IT labor markets in Mexico, such as Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Aguascalientes. Even a modest wage in dollar terms is a great wage here, and we can pass on those cost savings to you.

Argentine Consultants


In addition to Mexico, EtherPros has significant engineering resource in Argentina. Some of Argentina's top front-end designers belong to our development partners program, and we have the support of a large team of over fifty jBMP, Java and Ruby-on-Rails programmers in Santa Fe, Argentina. We use our Argentine resources in large enterprise software projects, but they are also available to help small customers scale up their operations when critical deadlines draw near.

Santa Fe is a lovely college town and tourist resort on the Atlantic coast, and it has some of the same advantages as Orizaba: low cost of living and "high marks" in most of the "quality-of-life" measures. This means that a lot of talented engineers want to live there, and you can have your pick of them. Furthermore, the Argentine currency is inexpensive relative to the dollar at the moment, and this makes service exports like software development very attractive for foreign importers of those services.